Best Coffee for Cold Brew

Best coffee for cold brew

True coffee lovers are not willing to change this thrilling drink even in the hot summer. After all, a cup of coffee helps not only warm but also bring some freshness. Such a coffee drink with excellent taste can be obtained by brewing coffee beans in a cold way also.

In general, a huge number of parameters affect the coffee taste: the roasted beans quality, the coffee grinding, the water quality for brewing, the temperature of brewing, etc. Time and brewing temperatures play a key role in extracting the most delicious and flavored substances from the beans into your coffee. The difference in taste between brewed coffee with hot water and cold is due precisely to the temperature of brewing.

Since the ground coffee does not extract with hot water, the process of extracting flavor from coffee beans gives a chemical profile that is different from obtained using traditional brewing methods. Coffee beans contain a lot of substances such as caffeine, chlorogenic acid, oils and fatty acids which are more soluble at comparatively high temperatures. Lower temperature brewing gives lower acidity product with decreased caffeine content.

Arabica or robusta is better for the cold brew?

Arabica Robusta Coffee Beans

No doubts that coffee of cold brewing is an attractive product for the fans of this drink, especially in hot seasons. However, the main question is what kind of beans to choose to brew coffee in this way.

The two main types of coffee beans that everybody knows are arabica and robusta. It is best to use 100% arabica beans if we want to make a cold brew coffee. Although coffea arabica is more demanding for cultivation, and its plants give lower yields, more interesting aromatic profiles and lower acidity of these beans give an excellent final product. Robusta is a stable type of coffee beans with high acidity and high bitterness, which is used mainly only in mixtures with arabica, for the production instant coffee or for the espresso.

If you love coffee with delicate notes of flowers or fruits, then the method of cold extraction will not work here. In the cold brew process, the delicate aroma of coffee disappears, leaving a smooth and balanced taste. It should also be noted that it is better to use freshly ground coffee and roasting in order to avoid oxidation, which can significantly affect the cold extraction.

Anyway, for the preparation of cold brew coffee, we will choose arabica, which is available everywhere and popular enough.

  • Ethiopia Sidamo

Ethiopian coffee, which comes from the Sidamo region, gives brewed coffee with notes of dark chocolate, blueberries and a hint of honey. Naturally processed and thoroughly dried for 2 weeks to help keep the aromas of berries and dark chocolate, this is one of the best varieties for making cold brew coffee. Although some flavors and notes can be lost during the cold brew, this coffee still has a bright and fruity taste. Starbucks Single Origin Sun Dried is our favorite Ethiopia Sidamo variety.

  • Coffee of Uganda, Organic Bugisu

Organic Bugisu is a class AA coffee. Coffee of this variety is grown on Mount Elgon, which is located in the northeast of Uganda in the area called North Bugis, along with the Kenyan border. Arabica, which the coffee “Organic Bugisu” is made from, is grown on small farms. Coffee grows on them among bananas and cassava. Arabica is of excellent quality. It is processed in a wet manner.

Coffee from the beans of “Organic Bugisu” is flavorful and dense, with a taste of milk chocolate. There are notes of wild nature and a subtle taste, which can be described as the taste of the skin. It sounds unappetizing, but it turns out very tasty. In fact, any type of coffee that has a chocolate taste and flavor when brewed in traditional ways is perfectly suitable for cold brew coffee. Organic Bugisu is no exception. This variety is not so popular, but it’s worth it. For best results you should definitely try Ola’s Exotic Super Premium Organic Uganda Bugisu

  • Sulawesi Toraja

Sulawesi Toraja from the island of Sulawesi is distinguished by a low acidity and a wonderful taste that will make you forget about all things for a long time. The saturated taste of coffee “Sulawesi Toraja”, which is processed in a dry way, can easily compete with any variety. It is characterized by an unusual taste of maple syrup. He has a thick, viscous consistency, as well as deep earthy, mushroom and sweetish taste, slightly reduced acidity and fruit shades. It has low acidity and a dense taste that means is one of the best coffees for cold brew.

In addition, the best brands of Indonesian varieties are those that have been aged by humans. The aging process is carried out in a moist, warm climate and has nothing to do with the prolonged processing of beans in any other part of the world. As a result, the coffee becomes sweeter, its taste is more solid, and the consistency is even thicker and heavier. An exceptional Sulawesi Toraja comes from Lavanta Coffee Roasters. 

  • Brazil Maragogipe

A dense balanced taste is the best suited for brewing coffee at relatively low temperatures and longer in time compared to the classic coffee brewing techniques. The better is coffee when it has a sweet chocolate flavor. Such characteristics, for example, have the Brazilian coffee Maragogipe, also known as Elephant Beans. This is one of the varieties of arabica coffee, which is notable for the largest size of coffee beans.The drink, which finally obtained by brewing in a cold way, has a mild and rich flavor, as well as chocolate taste. Lovers of coffee can appreciate the unrivaled taste of small batch roasted beans of Twin Engine Elefante.

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain

Another elite class is Jamaica Blue Mountain. This is the most famous brand of coffee, which for a long time remained unsurpassed. In the international market, Blue Mountain coffee is almost inaccessible, as more than 70% of the beans are purchased by Japan. But still follow the attempt to buy these beans, as they have a subtle flavor, a delicate taste with nutty hints and bit sourness. The variety is suitable for use as a “specialty coffees”.

The Arabica variety that is grown in Jamaica is the most famous and expensive coffee in the world. If you are a true coffee lover and know cold brew techniques very well, then you cannot resist and be sure to brew it in this way, the result will not disappoint you. Wallenford 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain is famous for its perfection in flavour, intense aroma and balanced taste.


This is not all the varieties of arabica coffee that can be successfully used for making cold brew coffee. We tried to describe the most suitable varieties, which should have a low acidity and a balanced taste, to please with an excellent cold brew on hot summer days. Naturally, everyone has his own taste, someone likes more coffee with sourness and someone prefers more bitter coffee. You can experiment not only with coffee but with a roast, which also affects the quality of the final drink. The main thing is never to stop and look for tastes that will blend in with your ideas of the perfect cold brew coffee.

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