Breville Dose Control Pro BCG600SIL

Breville Dose Control Pro BCG600SIL
8.4 Total Score


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  • Many Settings
  • Innovative Control
  • Easy Operation

Description and Review

Breville Dose Control Pro Review


Similar priced next to its popular brother Smart Grinder Pro, the Breville Dose Control Pro features a simplistic design and easier control. Stainless steel conical burr grinders that can be adjusted in 60 steps, 12 oz. bean removable hopper and 130 watts powerful motor create a decent setup. Additionally it has a timer control that counts up to 50 seconds, which can be used as a manual control too with a standard start/stop function plus an extra pause.

In case the 60 settings are not enough you can further adjust the fineness by adjusting the upper burr. Two portafilter holders are provided which can handle from 50-54mm sizes or standard 58mm as well. As a bonus in the ground tray is included an adjustable dosing trimming tool for all the supported portafilter sizes. Most of the structure is enclosed in plastic with metal finish, which is not the most optimum choice. The top front though is made of stainless steel.


Grinding with the Dose Control Pro is really fun. After choosing the appropriate size of fineness from zero to fifty, which corresponds from finer to coarser, there ar two ways to grind. One way is by setting the timer control and the other manually using the same knob. What is interesting is that during grinding you can pause the process for a maximum duration of 10 seconds and then resume. This helps to settle the ground in the portafilter by shaking it a bit.

If you have put into the hopper the wrong beans by accident you can easily remove them by detaching from base. A useful lock inside will keep the beans in the hopper and prevent spilling over. Choosing the finest setting we collected a very talcy ground which did not look ideal. It seems that espresso coffee is not its strong point and the effect was more prominent with darker or oily beans. On the other hand the medium coarse was great for a nice drip coffee and the coarser one excellent for French press. All of the grounds were consistent which is impressive considering its price tag.

In addition the supplied razor came in very handy, as it assisted to shave the excessive ground of the portafilter and keep a steady amount into it. But if you want to use this grinder for espresso machine you should have a pressurized portafilter or else get prepared to tamp hard. Furthermore we noticed about 3-4 grams of residue inside the grinder, so you should know that you will not get full output of the beans.


Offering a lot of versatility with 50 settings plus 10 more and a creative timer control sounds like a good deal. However the lack of producing proper finer ground or the excess of plastic case gives an overall low grade feeling. Maybe not the best grinder you can get for the money and you better spend some more to go for its big brother Smart Grinder Pro. 

8.4 Total Score

Build Quality
  • Many Settings
  • Innovative Control
  • Easy Operation
  • Messy
  • Not Good for Espresso
  • Lots of Plastic

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