BUNN Velocity Brew BT

BUNN Velocity Brew BT
7.1 Total Score


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  • Quick (If Switched On Permanently)
  • Innovative
  • Simplistic

Description and Review

BUNN Velocity Brew BT Review


A well established US company since mid 50’s, specialised in dispensed beverage equipment offers a wide range of coffee makers for home or commercial use. As the originator of the paper coffee filter, is always offering innovative solutions for any occasion. This time we review the BUNN Velocity Brew BT, a medium priced home coffee maker with lots of features.

The look of the product is very industrial and not what you have been used to see from other coffee makers. Very minimalistic design without a bunch of switches and timers. What makes it stand out though is its 50 oz heated stainless steel metal water tank. This one can keep inside hot water at a temperature of 200°F for as long it is on. So you always have hot water ready and you can have your coffee made in less than 3 minutes.

A plastic container on top front, comprising of a sophisticated system of distribution, receives the water. The preheated water is sprayed over the ground by means of BUNN’s exclusive sprayhead which ensures even dispension. Below sits a plastic cup that is also specially made to hold the company’s filters. A double wall thermal carafe, made of stainless steel as well, sits at the bottom which can keep your coffee warm for almost  2 hours.


Preparing a coffee works a bit backwards with this one. As a rule with the majority of other coffee makers, you just pour water into the tank and power up the machine. Then you have to wait several minutes until reaching a proper temperature and get ready for brewing the ground. With this coffee maker you put water only for the first time into the container and after is heated you can have hot water immediately. At first time the water may take around 15 minutes to heat up though.

You just open the lid of the plastic container on top and pour cold water into. Inside there are clearly marked water volume steps to ensure proper amount inserted. After closing the lid a plastic lever is pushed down. This way cold water gets into the heater and hot water of equal quantity moves to the high velocity sprayhead. One drawback here is that the heater should be permanently set to on. But it will not draw constantly electricity thanks to its built in thermostat.

In less than 3 minutes we had our fresh hot coffee that is amazingly fast. The carafe was equipped with a plastic nozzle that pours coffee into the cups precisely. But the coffee taste was not that exceptional to say the least. Just a watery brown type that could not be fixed no matter the amount of coffee put into the filter. Placing more quantity in the filter actually made a mess as ground was blowing out of the filter making a big mess. Maybe fitting for people who like ‘tea coffee’ but not suitable for strong drinkers.

Furthermore the fact that the carafe is not transparent makes it impossible to know the actual content inside. But this can be counterbalanced by the automatic heating system. So in case you have run out of coffee and you immediately need one more round you just pour some water into the plastic container. Preheated water will come out directly and you will be ready to go shortly. As far as the built quality the whole machine apart of the metal tray and carafe is full of plastic and feels flimsy. Besides there was a noticeable plastic odor emitted after heating that made the coffee smell weird.


Overall the Velocity Brew BT is a very different coffee maker, that attracts attention mainly due to rapid coffee preparation. Assuming that you don’t mind consuming electricity 24/7 to have quickly brewed coffee it is a fine solution. But you still have to wait almost 3 minutes. Of course you can turn off the machine when absent for long periods, but when you get back powering up again would need almost 15 minutes to reheat. So at the end would get frustrating.

If you are a light drinker or premium coffee is not your first priority, you can give it a shot. We would rather invest some more and buy a higher level machine as the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741 which can complete the full cycle in less than 6 minutes. At the end it will cost you much less assuming you will power it up only when needed.

7.1 Total Score

Built Quality
Ease of Use
Coffee Taste
  • Quick (If Switched On Permanently)
  • Innovative
  • Simplistic
  • Plastic Smell
  • Low Build Quality
  • Nontransparent Carafe

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