Cuisinart CBM-18N

Cuisinart CBM-18N
6.3 Total Score

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  • Easy to Use
  • Economical
  • Small Footprint

Description and Review

Cuisinart CBM-18N Review


Cuisinart is a company that carries many kinds of household items at a very reasonable price range. One of their best sellers is the Cuisinart CBM-18N coffee grinder. Its main traits are the steel conical burrs, an 8 oz. bean hopper, 18 settings for grinding and a blue backlit LCD screen. At the bottom sits a trapezoid transparent coffee bin. It has also selection for coffee output, from 1-14 cups. Very basic design and features housed in a fully plastic case doesn’t impress to say the least.


Using the CBM-18N is really easy as it is a very simplistic model. Just choose the amount of coffee for grinding and the fineness. On the LCD screen you will see the selected output volume and the fineness, but keep in mind that the latter is not performed by the buttons. It is adjusted by the bean hopper by hand and you just see the reading on the LCD screen. Apart of the position number it also shows a tiny coffee cup icon to indicate the active range. The selection can be executed by a press button automatically or manually with a button next to it.

Choosing the desired output is conveniently performed by rotating the bean hopper. There are three different sections that correspond to three coffee types. From section 1-6 you can grind beans for espresso, from 7-12 it is better for drip or pour over and from 13-18 it is mostly for French press. Turning clockwise until position one you can get the finest possible ground out of it.

So at position one we found that the espresso ground was not consistent. Moving at the medium setting of drip coffee we found a higher inconsistency which unfortunately maxed out at the French press setting. The whole process was noisy and sounded mostly like a vacuum cleaner while the coffee had a tendency to stick on the coffee bin. This effect was more prominent at coarser settings. You can solve this by hitting the bin on the counter a couple of times but will not remove all the coffee from walls. Also note that you should not leave residue on the walls as the next time even more dust will add up.


A burr grinder is a nice surprise at this price range but you can’t expect too much. You get a noisy grinder with high output deviation, especially at coarser settings. Few fineness positions that don’t allow for flexibility and an odd shaped coffee bin that won’t allow easy cleaning. If you are desperately looking for a burr grinder at the lowest price level you can give it a shot, but you will get what you pay for. It is always wiser to invest some more in a grinder such as the Breville Dose Control Pro and avoid headaches.


6.3 Total Score

Build Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Economical
  • Small Footprint
  • Highly Inconsistent
  • Very Noisy
  • Fully Plastic

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