Cuisinart DCC-3750

Cuisinart DCC-3750
6.9 Total Score


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  • Good Looking
  • Small Footprint
  • High Volume
  • Decent Coffee Taste

Description and Review

Cuisinart DCC-3750 Review


Cuisinart is a vendor that offers several different household products at very affordable prices. One of their best sellers is the Cuisinart DCC-3750 coffee maker. It is technically a programmable 10 cup coffee machine with a metal thermal carafe. The whole structure is enclosed in a beautiful stainless steel finish while a control touch panel sits at front, over the LCD timer. Brewing temperature can be adjusted in 3 different levels while a newly incorporated system improves its speed by 25%. Furthermore the coffee strength can be adjusted for a more or less powerful output. Finally, self clean and auto shutt off are added for convenience and safety as well.


Handling of the machine is very convenient thanks to its touch control panel.  A standard On/Off button simply initiates or aborts the operation while the brew strength control adjusts the output. The output volume also can be regulated for lower amount of 1 to 4 cups of coffee. This way the brewing cycle adjusts accordingly and you get a great cup of coffee.

Inside the reservoir you will find a water filter holder with a convenient slider. This helps to mark the exact period that you placed the filter inside. The water level can be clearly seen through the transparent level marked window. Regarding the supplied gold tone coffee filter, although conveniently reusable, lets some sediment into your coffee. So in case you want a cleaner output better use a paper filter. Unfortunately there was a tendency for the filter to fold during brewing, which in turn let some amount of coffee to override it.

The nice spout of the thermo carafe allows for easy and non messy coffee dispensing. An innovative lid facilitates pouring even more with an integrated ball inside. When you place the carafe into the machine the ball naturally seals the top and blocks any air loss. However, when you grab the carafe and start pouring coffee the ball rolls back and allows unobstructed flow.

While it brewes a decent coffee there are some downsides. Its thermo carafe can’t keep the content hot for too long. The base plate turns off after brewing and the coffee soon starts to cool down. In addition pouring water through the reservoir’s narrow opening can get messy if you are not careful. Last but not least, the buttons and dials have a very flimsy toy feeling and definitely devalue the product.


Overall looks nice on the counter but the long term reliability is questionable. On top of that some functioning issues make it hard to use and can get messy. Spilling water during dispensing and coffee filter folding during brewing can be irritating. We always advise you to spend some more and purchase a product from a specialised coffee company such as the Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741. 

6.9 Total Score

Builld Quality
Ease of Use
Coffee Taste
  • Good Looking
  • Small Footprint
  • High Volume
  • Decent Coffee Taste
  • Narrow Reservoir Opening
  • Flimsy Buttons
  • Tendency to Fold Paper Filter

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