Gaggia 8002 MDF

Gaggia 8002 MDF
7.5 Total Score

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  • Consistent
  • Dosing Function
  • Easy Operation

Description and Review

Gaggia 8002 MDF Review


Beloved by many users for long time the Italian made Gaggia 8002 MDF predisposes as a proper grinder for a basic setup. Some of its specs are normal sized 50mm steel burrs, regular powered 120 watt motor and typical plastic housing. Its ground coffee container has a capacity of 8 oz. and the bean hopper 10 oz. respectively. The grinding settings count up to 34 which is average in the coffee grinder world. Lots of mediocre stuff here without surprises.

Its burrs have a flat shape, which is optimum for espresso ground and driven by a gear reduction system. This way the burrs run slower and the coffee doesn’t degrade from high temperature that could be produced. Additionally there is less static charge so the motor will not stall and has a steady grinding. As a doser model is designed towards coffee drinkers that make a lot of coffee during the day. Using the doser you can have a steady flow of coffee for repeatability. In this model you get a typical 7 grams dose coming out of 6 pie shaped compartments.


Although the machine has a lot of plastic outside it is quite heavy which declares some serious equipment inside. Producing a consistent ground in a short time was not an issue. Adjusting the fineness is performed by rotating the bean hopper clockwise or counterclockwise, for finer or coarser respectively. That way you can get from espresso to French press with precision. For activation just pressing the power switch at the bottom right is enough. No highly sophisticated automatizations here.

Its portafilter holder is loose and doesn’t lock the portafilter in place properly. The same goes for the doser level which has a cheap feeling. Staying on the counter is not its strong point too. Lacking rubber feet makes the grinder move around during operation. However its main function which is proper grinding is adequate. Not the fastest machine around but quick enough processed the coffee beans flawlessly. In spite of its narrow selection range of 34 steps it supplied almost any kind of ground in favor of finer settings. But the abundance of plastic used exposed high levels of noise that we found quite annoying.

Unfortunately, cleaning was a disappointment as one of the most complicated process we have met. First you should remove the lid of the hopper where you will see 2 rubber caps. Removing them will reveal two philips head screws that you have to unscrew. Soon your hopper will be loose and you can detach it. Afterwards you have to remove two more screws that hold the top plastic piece. From there upon you have to use a 7mm wrench to unscrew two more bolts and finally you can see the burrs. If that was not enough now you have to insert the hopper into the top burr again and rotate it counterclockwise. You will hear a clicking sound like choosing the grinding setting. When this sound is off you have fully detached the top burr! From there you can continue with a clean and dry brush.


If you are stepping up from a blade grinder maybe you will get excited with this one. But if you have the slight experience with burr grinders will face a great letdown. Its cheap toy feeling makes it hard to justify its price tag. However its performance is satisfactory and the name behind it can provide a sense of assurance. From our experience you can get equal or higher quality by choosing another grinder, not apparently from Italy.

7.5 Total Score

Build Quality
  • Consistent
  • Dosing Function
  • Easy Operation
  • Noisy
  • Lots of Plastic
  • Troublsome Cleaning

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