Keurig K55

Keurig K55
6.8 Total Score

$95.00 $119.99

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  • Reasonable Price
  • Auto Turn Off
  • Easy Programming
  • Removable Reservoir

Description and Review

Keurig K55 Review


The Keurig K55 is a new model of the entry line Classic available in black and red color. It comes equipped with a medium sized removable 48 oz. reservoir and drip tray. Also it is programmed simply with buttons and clear indicators and can be adjusted for brewing 3 sizes of cups of 6, 8 or 10 oz respectively. Additionally it is compatible with company’s popular K-Cup reusable coffee filters that brew a quick, delicious cup of coffee. This way you don’t need to measure coffee from a bag and make a mess.

The Auto Off timer comes in handy and shuts off the machine 2 hours after the last brewed cup of coffee. So you don’t have to worry if you have left your coffee maker on when you are away. The removable drip tray makes a nice addition as it helps the user for easy cleaning or just insert larger cups and travel mugs. The built in charcoal water filter can help avoid clogging. But you should better use prefiltered water if you want trouble free operation and higher quality coffee.


Its medium size will not steal considerable space of your counter and looks very elegant at first sight. But as a budget model the cuts on quality are inevitable and plastic dominates here. For example the handle of the K-Cup container lid is thin and brittle and the buttons have a cheap feeling when pressed. The same goes for the drip tray and the logo. Cord length was also part of the cutting cost program of this model. It would require you to have a nearby socket at less than arm’s length to power it up

According to the manufacturer it can prepare your fresh brewed coffee in less than a minute which we didn’t find it to be so accurate. The water temperature produced is not so hot and the coffee taste is mediocre. Maybe the water temperature has something to do with it. The end result also was not consistent. Noticeable fluctuations in taste were present and a strange synthetic flavor.

It is obvious that K55 favors its manufacturer’s K-Cups as any other solution doesn’t produce a decent result. We tested several other quality cups such as Lavazzo but the taste of coffee was never that satisfying. Presumably the high rate of water passing through is not suitable for other replacements and you should stick with K-Cups. If you don’t feel uncomfortable paying more for having a proper result then you should definitely shoot for the latter.

Respecting the water reservoir’s size it was adequate for our needs. It can serve 2-3 large cups of coffee which is usually enough for one person. If you share it with your roommate or you are a coffee junkie, then it could get frustrating adding water repeatedly. Furthermore there is no option for auto turn on, so you have to wake up earlier and prepare everything by yourself.

Finally regarding the noise production would not be considered as a peaceful player. It can get really noisy and is not your best friend if you enjoy a quiet environment.


As an entry level model its price tag is appealing. It is suitable for solo coffee drinkers who don’t need more than three cups of coffee per day. On the other hand the initial low cost of the device could turn around by the use of the higher priced K-Cups in the long term. If you are not fond of automation or you don’t mind that much about a bit more noise Keurig K55 could be a nice ally for your daily kick. However if you are willing to spend some extra cash you should definitely consider the higher quality Keurig K575.

6.8 Total Score

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Coffee Taste
  • Reasonable Price
  • Auto Turn Off
  • Easy Programming
  • Removable Reservoir
  • Noisy
  • Cheap Feeling
  • Hard Cleaning
  • Mediocre Coffee Taste

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