KitchenAid Nespresso

KitchenAid Nespresso
8.3 Total Score

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  • Beautiful
  • Solid
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use

Description and Review

KitchenAid Nespresso Review


The KitchenAid Nespresso is an ultra stylish espresso machine which is a collaboration of KitchenAid and Nespresso, as the name reveals. It comes in several different colors such as empire red, frosted pearl, medallion silver, onyx black candy apple red and sugar pearl. Notably the case is not only eye appealing but also robust, as it is made completely out of die-cast metal. Obviously the only option of coffee here is the Nespresso pods with more than 22 different kinds to choose from.

Capable of producing 19 bar pressure ensures unsurpassed coffee output. Brewing strength is adjustable in 6 steps and overall the control is very simple but ont point. At the back of the machine sits a removable transparent water tank with a capacity of 1.3 liters. At front there is a metal drip tray which can be folded to accomodate larger cups. Behind it is located the empty capsule container. Everything is easily removable making cleaning straightforward.


Making an espresso can’t get any easier than this. You simply open the top lid by means of the chrome handle and insert your favorite Nespresso pod. Close it back and after selecting the suitable brewing size just press the main illuminated button to start brewing. In almost 30 seconds your cup is already filled up with delicious creamy espresso. It is worth to mention that in case you need to stop brewing, you can press again the main button and the process stops instantly. In addition the brewing size can be adjusted even after the session has started.

Some minor flaws were observed though. For example the pod collector is too narrow to get a clear view of its content. If it is full the new one gets crashed, so it is advisable to empty the container frequently to avoid headaches. In addition some times the pod will not fit perfectly and although the handle locks down the water doesn’t go through. On the contrary descaling is a piece of cake. It only takes some descaling solution into the water reservoir and choosing the descaling option by pressing the main dial.


Honestly we are not fond of pod type machines as they can never give you the aroma of a freshly ground coffee. Sincerely this is one of the most beatiful and solid designs we have ever seen. If you are after convenience and style you will not be disappointed. It is not the cheapest machine of this type but the Nespresso name guarantees the result. In any case, you can always look for a higher level machine such as the Gaggia Classic and enjoy an authentic process.

8.3 Total Score

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Coffee Taste
  • Beautiful
  • Solid
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Narrow View of Pod Container
  • Not Perfectly Fitted Pods Always

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