The Best 6 Cup Moka Pots of 2017

The Best 6 Cup Moka Pots of 2017

Moka pots, which are also known as stovetops, are probably underrated but they can make delicious coffee. Its design dates back to 1933 when Bialetti made the first moka pot ever. However, due to their low pressure of 1-2 bars, they can’t produce a true espresso which requires over 10 bars. Instead the result is something between a drip coffee and an espresso and needs a corresponding ground coarsness.The coffee you get can have some crema, not the same but similar to an espresso type, but depends highly on the moka pot.

They come mainly in aluminum or stainless steel form, they are durable and easy to clean. It will take some practice to make the perfect coffee, but after that you will love them forever. In this article we will guide you through the 5 best 6 cup stovetop espresso makers. Concerning the health consequences of aluminum and its oxidization issues, we decided to review only stainless steel moka pots. The ranking is random as always.

  • Minos

minos moka pot stove pot espresso maker

Solid and artistic has the same look as the first moka pot ever produced. Made from heavy stainless steel can last almost for ever, resisting the high temperatures during usage. Its handle is switchable and you can change it with the supplied yellow, red or blue color any time. Furthermore they will not melt like other inferior quality products. The exclusive use of stainless steel will eliminate any metallic taste in coffee or oxidization which come with typical aluminum stovetops. Last but not least, its sleek design allows for easy cleaning.

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  • Ilsa


Made in Italy 100% out of 18/10 stainless steel that will not burn your hand grabbing the handle though. Capable of making up to 6 cups, but supplied with an adapter can make only one cup of coffee as well. Very sturdy nicely fitting parts will not trouble you during assembling or cleaning, as it is also dishwasher safe. However due to its tiny footprint you may need a gas ring reducer to prevent knocking it off. The only thing that you will ever need to replace is the rubber gasket.

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  • Bialetti Venus

bialetti venus moka pot stove pot espresso maker

You can’t expect anything other than perfection from the originator of the moka pot. Made of course out of the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel will put your aluminum moka pot on retirement. It features a black nylon heat-resistant handle that will protect you from burning and a wider base that will provide a more stable standing. In addition its safety valve does a great job at releasing extra pressure. The only drawback with this moka pot is that it doesn’t come in a 12 cup version!

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  • Cuisinox Roma

cuisinox roma moka pot stove pot espresso maker

This moka pot is rock solid and has a smooth finish both inside and out. One of the most common complaints for stove top espresso pots is that they leak coffee out of the seal into the hot burner. Some people go even further hoping that eventually the seal will brake in and stop leaking. Well this will not happen with the Cuisinox Roma. The rubber gasket provided has excellent sealing, and if that was not enough, they even include an additional gasket in the box along with a reducer. The latter allows for lower qty of produced cups.

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  • Vev-Vigano Vespress Oro

vev-vigano moka pot stove pot espresso maker

Another Italian made moka pot out of 18/10 stainless steel. Sandblasted finished inside and polished outside features stylish brass lid and handle. But it is not only beautiful, it is functional too. Most cheap metal stove tops will get you burned when you touch the metal handle and to avoid this they make it out of rubber or plastic. Notably this one doesn’t get hot. Finally the lack of corners along with the smooth surface inside make it easy to clean. This is a sample of marvelous traditional coffee making products.

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