The Best 8 Cup French Presses of 2017

The Best 8 Cup French Presses of 2017

As one of the most economical types of coffee brewing methods, the French press is always a popular solution. However the continuously increased requirements of consumers have made the manufacturers to evolve them. Available in many sizes, materials and colors make it hard to determine the appropriate one. Made of opaque plastic to transparent glass or stainless steel the final decision can be overwhelming. So here we are to help you choose the right French press for any kind of budget. Please note that the sequence is completely random though.

  • Decen

decen french press

If you enjoy having a clear look of your French press content then this is a nice option. Very stylish designed but also solid and sturdy. Its borosilicate glass will withstand the high temperature of hot coffee while you can comfortably handle it by the ergonomic matte poplypropylene handle. No need to worry about its metal parts too as they are fully chromed and corrosion free. Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Just keep in mind that due to its glass construction the thermal insulation is minimal and you may need a double wall carafe for storing after brewing.

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  • Coffee Gator

coffee gator french press

Made from 304 surgical grade stainless steel, this French press is more than durable. Boasting 33.3% thicker walls than its competitors, at 0.8mm, will hardly bend or deform in case that falls accidentally on the floor. Its double wall design will keep your coffee warm for hours with no need for extra carafe. Furthermore its rustproof materials will stay forever as new without maintenance and the easy double layer mesh filter will allow for a smooth cleaning. As a bonus a similar looking coffee canister comes in bundle, which can store your beans. However, although aesthetically pleasing, the opaque design may not satisfy some users that appreciate watching the coffee brewing.

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  • Bellemain

bellemain french press

Fully stainless steel housing with a polished mirror design can keep your coffee hot for almost two hours. However your hands will never get burned due to its efficient insulation. Thanks to its 2-layer mesh micro filters features twice the filter capacity of average French press in market. This way it will keep your coffee ground in the filter and not in your cup. Very sleek but also sturdy and built as a tank will never break or rust. Very precisely fitting parts allow for top notch seperation of grounds and coffee. Highly recommended for people that are slow drinkers and prefer to consume their coffee with intervals.

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  • Brillstone

brillstone french press

A fiery red finish always predisposes for some hot coffee. Built with a standard stainless steel double wall offers insulation and sustains the content warm for long enough until your next cup. With this premium French press bundle you can precisely craft your coffee beans. The supplied doser enables you to make fresh coffee efficient and quickly. In addition its double filter technology eliminates the acidic coffee flavors while preserving its fascinating scents. Easy to press the plunger does a great job at seperating the ground from coffee. And let’s not forget the provided elegant honey spoon.

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  • Culinary Prestige

culinary prestige french press

This piece of art combines the transparency of 1.8mm borosilicate glass and the durability of 18/8 stainless steel in a single package. A truly prestigious French press for demanding coffee lovers who don’t accept compromises in design or quality. Being eco friendly will always deliver the full range of coffee’s character in a durable shell. Tightly fit plunger but at the same time smooth pressing offers silent segregation of the coffee ground. A true masterpiece that will drive your typical coffee brewing in a higher level of taste while letting you observe the process.

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